Record Phone Conversations? - Yea, "There's an App for That"

I just discovered this week a great application and feature of an iPhone app called Recorder (99 cents, Version 10). I've had the Recorder (not Apple's) on the iPhone for some time but haven't really used it. This past week a monk friend and public figure was hospitalized. The monastery is issuing daily medical status updates on their voice message phone system.
I thought:  what if I could record the updates without resort to rigging-up an external recorder and then share the recordings with others, on Twitter, Facebook, et al., that might have interest in knowing the friend's condition? I looked in the Recorder app and it had such a feature and it worked seemlessly with iPhone's phone (US only).

You buy recording minutes (I bought 1 hr. for $2) from within the app from Apple's app store. After you make the recording you can trim front and end of the recording and then email it. Recorder returns a link to the recording for on-line listening and/or download. Pretty neat. If you're interested here is today's medical update on the friend