Retreat Day9: Transitions

Today is the last full day of the retreat and as of yesterday afternoon the color of the retreat changed markedly with the arrival of the 80 new people and their integration physically and into the silence. I must say they were a very silent group at dinner and moved-in just fine.

Father Thomas arrived late last night and didn't talk due to a late spring snowstorm in Colorado and traffic delays. He begins the day's activities today with a talk and there is considerable anticipation here in having his wit, presence, transmission and 86 years of wisdom here this weekend. He is a uniquely graced individual who has worked his entire adult life to introduce others to the gift of contemplation. May he forever be blessed and held close.

As the retreat comes to an end tomorrow on Day 10 and I anticipate the drive home to Maryland, I notice I do not experience the usual feelings of impending absence and in a sense loss of being on retreat and needing to return to the real world. In fact, I am looking forward to returning to my life and work, taking with me whatever has been set in motion here on the Hudson. I also feel fully present here and now today. Perhaps some of David's "incarnational contemplaton" is taking root.

Yesterday, a beautiful sunny spring day, David summarized his teachings from this week, including the contemplative attitudes. These attitudes are intended to support a more subtle relationship with God. For each attitude there is an active and a receptive form of the attitude. Active/Receptive: a) Gentleness/Effortlessness; b) Letting Go/Letting Be; c) Resting/Being; d) Embracing/Being Embraced; e) Consent/Presence Acting; f) Simplicity/Awakening; and g) Integrating/Emerging.

He also reviewed his teaching on deepening contemplation by extending use of the sacred symbols - word, breath and gaze. David is writing a book on all of this material and expects it will be published by end of the year. In addition, support materials will be shared at Incarnational Contemplation

Enough for now...

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