Resurrection of Rhythm

While I was trained as a percussionist I haven't played much in years. Tomorrow I join others in some spiritual group drumming so I literally dusted-off the African Ashiko drum and the circular frame drum (aka tar, bodhran). The Japanese rin gong will go along also for occasional accent. 

Drawn to Simplicity

For a week or so I've had the recurring image of teacups sitting on wood - simply and orderly. As I've learned that things which recurr unbidden can hold importance I decided to buy a set of teacups and place them with an unused cutting board that was stored in my kitchen. The experience wasn't equal to Richard Dreyfuss's recurring image of Devil's Tower and zeal to manifest it out of mind in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" but it'll do. 

"Every force evolves a form." - Shaker Wisdom Saying

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