Tis the season - a warning for deer life (pic)

We've large deer and human populations in our greater Washington D.C. metro area (DC-VA-MD) and many car accidents, injuries and even fatalities result from deer bounding across roads and colliding with autos. This occurs especially in low light or night conditions. Below our county police remind us of this as we approach an especially active area.

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Reintroduction of LifeSprings using innovative Prezi

Given the ability of social media to "push" one's information to the other media services one uses, I recently found myself curious as to how all of it hung together in my case.  So I developed a presentation below with Prezi. It shows how LifeSprings here at Posterous sends my information to the other social media services I use. (LinkedIn is not included.)

Prezi is an alternative to the linear creation and presentation of slides using Powerpoint or similar software. In Prezi one creates in a free-form approach only one "slide" (though to call it a slide is a misnormer) that contains everything and then one zooms in and out and around to show the informational elements in a narrative, linear fashion.

Prezi permits improved display of the whole presentation in relationship to the parts (context) and relationships between the parts over standard linear approaches like PP. The unstructured creation canvas on which one develops the presentation also seems to facilitate brainstorming presentation ideas. There one isn't constrained by a set of sequential, lockstep slide templates (or bullet point prompts) and can easily add or then organize ideas as they arise. The structure of a presentation grows out of the thought process of entering and organizing information.

In addition, Prezi was designed to be used as a visual tool to support the speakers verbalizations and who is the focus of the presentation - the inverse is typical with most PP focused presentation.

This presentaton to LifeSprings is a first venture with Prezi for me. It was fairly easy to learn though it did take some time. I created the prezi below in about 2 hours. Prezi does require a different novel mode of thinking (non-linear) in the stage of presentation creation (unstructured) vs. the standard (structured) approach that takes awhile with which to feel comfortable - I'm still working on it. I'm looking forward to trying Prezi with other material and presentation requirements.

Record Phone Conversations? - Yea, "There's an App for That"

I just discovered this week a great application and feature of an iPhone app called Recorder (99 cents, Version 10). I've had the Recorder (not Apple's) on the iPhone for some time but haven't really used it. This past week a monk friend and public figure was hospitalized. The monastery is issuing daily medical status updates on their voice message phone system.
I thought:  what if I could record the updates without resort to rigging-up an external recorder and then share the recordings with others, on Twitter, Facebook, et al., that might have interest in knowing the friend's condition? I looked in the Recorder app and it had such a feature and it worked seemlessly with iPhone's phone (US only).

You buy recording minutes (I bought 1 hr. for $2) from within the app from Apple's app store. After you make the recording you can trim front and end of the recording and then email it. Recorder returns a link to the recording for on-line listening and/or download. Pretty neat. If you're interested here is today's medical update on the friend http://bit.ly/j54ep.