"Socks" - an Original

While shopping at Whole Foods I saw this lady and the visual impact was immediate. I felt like a bee irresistably drawn to pollen. I knew I had to meet her.

I walked up to her, introduced myself and immediately commented on the uniqueness of her socks. She said her now deceased husband gave her a pair of socks from Greece when they were there on their first overseas vacation many years ago. She said people have been giving her unique socks ever since and that she now has over 200 pairs. "And do you know what people call me, she said (I had not asked her name.)? Socks!" Socks, one unique lady with unique energy wearing unique socks. As best I can tell she is one of "the beautiful people" who roam the earth.

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Maurice Utters Wisdom on the 4th REVISED

I spent the July 4th holiday yesterday at a cookout with folks from my centering prayer group. Maurice is the spouse of a group participate. His response to my question is: "live every day as if there is no tomorrow, treat people as you want to be treated yourself, love your neighbor as your friend, and lean on the everlasting arms of God" - that'll work.

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Shankar "the No. 1 Champ"

After swimming 1.5 miles and a soak in the hot tub at the Germantown Acquatic Center I captured with the new iPhone 3GS the following three short videos - the Montgomery Acquatic Club practicing and Shankar and Shashi, my  "acquabuds".

With the new iPhone there is no need to transfer videos to a computer and then upload them - just take them and send them via e-mail on the iPhone to Posterous, YouTube, MobileMe, etc. with the push of a button - simple.

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Spoken Words in U.S. Presidential History

Here's a interesting tool at speechwars.com where you enter any word, for example, "challenge," "soul," etc. and you're given a graph of the number of times the word was used in various U.S. presidential speeches and the number of times each Prez (or nominee) said it. For example, since 1790 the word "love" has been used a total of 89 times in State of the Union addresses and Ronald Reagan used it the most (4 times).

Holy Fellow

Thomas Keating - Christian monk and former Abbot, Author, Chairman of the Board, Roman Catholic priest, an architect of Centering Prayer.

Residence: St. Benedict's Monastary, Snowmass, CO, USA

Quote: "Here, would you like to have it?"

Interview (3 parts): http://moourl.com/Keating

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