Livescribe's Smartpen is a Genius

Others thought I had gone over to the geek side some time back though I always resisted the adoption of a geek identity. But now I give-up, I've no more strength to resist (indeed "resistance is futile" - The Borg). "Hello, my name is Ron Barnett and I'm a geek." Let me explain. 

Last night on the way home from work I stopped by Target and picked-up a Smartpen. Inside the "pen" is a camera, a microphone, an audio speaker and 2 GB of memory. One uses it as a pen and as one writes all text, drawings, doodles, etc. are recorded by the cam and concurrently the mic records any sound in your environment, such as a lecturer or discussion at a staff meeting. All of this can then be transferred to computer for processing, e.g. search, conversion to a Word document, uploaded to the cloud, e-mailed to others, etc.

Moreover, what's amazing is the pen talks! For example, if I wanted to return to hear what Jane said in a staff meeting about xyz I just touch the tip of the pen on the notes that are on paper about Jane and the genius pen plays that segment of the staff meeting recording where Jane is speaking! I don't have to listen through the recording searching for her words.

I've just been playing with the genius pen so far but I can't wait to try it in the real-world. Truly your geek friend now -

Trial of the PicPosterous iPhone App

Posterous released their app for the iPhone today to make posting pics and videos easier. So, I'm trying it today by taking photos throughout the day. Once the first photo (or video) is taken subsequent photos are posted to the same post (this one) in a gallery, so the gallery expands as the day, event, etc. goes on - now that's nice. No need to wait until the end of the event or day to post your photos and videos.

Here are a couple of videos and pics taken during the day. In order are: 1) video outside my home; 2) video inside my home; 3) monitor showing PicPosterous; 4) how to process your inbox the GTD way; 5) entrance to my office; 6) dual monitors at work; and 7) garden outside of my work office building.

Ubiquitous Living Now (and Here)

We live in a time when one could work 24/7 from anywhere in the world via networked technologies – which can be a blessing and a challenge to living an authentic life. This recent and well done Sprint commercial vividly captures this 24/7 situation and what’s happening “now". The challenge seems to be that technology will increasingly permeate global societies including our own and how will authenticity, spiritual and otherwise, survive. In answer, on the PBS program “Speaking of Faith” this morning, Jon Kabat-Zinn spoke of the value of practicing mindfulness in “the ceaseless society.” He spoke of fostering “intimacy with spaciousness” (nice phrase) as an antidote. To hear more see