Bill Moyers Journal Interviews Parker Palmer

Given the current financial and economic predicament, Parker Palmer, Quaker, educator and founder of the Center for Courage & Renewal, speaks in this sobering 25 minute interview of our tendency to deny reality and live in illusion, the role of cultural "anesthetics" in the maintenance of illusion, and the importance of holding a creative tension between what is and what is possible without prematurely seeking to dissipate the tension. A word caution - this is not a feel good discussion and is one that is likely to evoke agreement and disagreement. Nontheless it does feel like an honest discussion.


Legend Has It...

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It's said before they tell a story native Americans say, "I don't know if it happened this way but I know that its true."

Legend has it that Saint Michael Coleman, founder of Ireland's first monastery in the 6thC, prayed so long with outstretched arms and open hands that a blackbird came and built a nest twig by twig in his hand, then layed an egg and in time the egg hatched and a baby bird emerged.

Legend has it in Tibet that a Buddhist prayed in the same spot so long that impressions of the person's feet were made in the wood floor.