iPad unboxing and setup

My pre-ordered 64 GB iPad shipped directly from China and arrived this morning. The snaps below are of the "unboxing" and setup.

Only two items come with the iPad, a USB cord to connect to a Mac or PC and a USB-wall adapter to connect to an electrical outlet. The instructions are also simple - a small card showing the four external "controls" on the iPad and brief instructions on the back. When the  iPad turned on by pushing the only button on its face, it nicely tells you to connect it to iTunes, synch and register. All were a breeze, and it came with a fully charged battery.

The design esthetics appear gorgeous and I look forward to exploring my Pad and comparing my experience of it with the many reviews and comments (pro and con) issued since the iPad went on sale two days ago.

Snaps: 1 the box; 2 contents of the box; 3 synching iPad; 4 back of iPad; 5 & 6 instruction card.